Tax Lodgement Due Date Fast Approaching

The final date for the lodgement of 2015 income tax returns is 16 May*. That is less than one month away!

It is important to lodge your tax returns on time, as the ATO may impose penalties and charge interest on any amounts due if your return is lodged late. Additionally, if you have a history of lodging your returns late, you are in a higher risk category for audit or review activity.

If you have not yet lodged your 2015 tax return, or spoken to an accountant about it, now is the time to get things happening.

Cake Accounting have implemented an electronic booking system for you to find a time that suits to meet with us and prepare your tax return. If you haven’t got a plan to have your return lodged, you need to book an appointment with us using the form below.

If you have questions about your tax position, do not hesitate to contact us today.

* Note this date is for some taxpayers that lodge through a registered tax agent.